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The Atomic Elbow: The Third Four Issues

Image of The Atomic Elbow: The Third Four Issues


This is a book that collects Issues 9, 10, 11, and 12 of The Atomic Elbow.

It was published by Square of Opposition Records, and if you just want the book, I'd prefer it if you bought it directly from them using that link. Square of Opposition also has copies left of The Second Four Issues collection, which I don't have. I only have a few copies of the third collection, and I'm putting them online here for people who want to buy the book along with some individual issues to save on shipping.

As always, international shipping is stupid expensive, and on behalf of my nation's postal service, I apologize. If you are ordering multiple things from me and live outside the USA, please contact me first so I can give you a more accurate shipping cost. It'll still be stupid expensive, though.