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The Atomic Elbow: Issue 39

Image of The Atomic Elbow: Issue 39


October 20-23 notice: I will be attending SAVage Fst [sic] in Savannah, Georgia. Any order placed during these dates may be slightly delayed. If you're in or near Savannah on the 21st, why not come see me in person?

It's the ALL-NEW 39th issue of The Atomic Elbow!


The end of the Pro Wrestling Illustrated hotline! The Kevin Nash Comic Book! Mio Momono vs. Mayumi Ozaki! The mysteries of Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling!

All copies of The Atomic Elbow come with a money-back guarantee. If you don't like it, let me know within 2 weeks of your order and I'll give you your money back. What a deal!

PLEASE READ THIS: All back-issues currently available in the online store are being reprinted. If you order a copy of Issue 39 with any back-issue(s), it could possibly delay your order by 1-2 weeks.