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The Atomic Elbow "Youth Crew" T-Shirt PRE-ORDER

Image of The Atomic Elbow "Youth Crew" T-Shirt PRE-ORDER


We are currently as far removed from the first wave of "youth crew" hardcore as that movement was from the actual birth of rock 'n'roll in the 1950s. Yet somehow, old weirdos like me still cling to that aesthetic. I guess I'm okay with that. After all, Youth of Today are still playing shows (and calling themselves Youth of Today).


This is a 10-day pre-order. I initially wanted to have these made for the FLUKE small press festival in Athens on April 29th, but I figured I'd give you all a chance to get one if you aren't going to be there.

I will be ordering extras of this to sell at FLUKE, so if you are going to be there, don't order one here. Maybe email me if you want to make sure I have your size, but I don't want to charge you shipping if you are gonna be in the same room as me.

This pre-order will be open until Thursday, April 6th. Then I'll send in the order. These will be made by the good people at the LVAC. It usually takes a couple of weeks for me to get them. I promise to ship them to you as quickly as I can.

International shipping is stupid expensive. The price you see here may end up being too high. I will refund the difference if this happens.

HERE IS WHY THIS IS HARD TO CALCULATE: An 8 ounce package costs $13.50 to ship. A nine ounce package costs $22.50. A packages t-shirt basically weighs 8 or 9 ounces depending on the size. I have based the shipping rates here on a 9-ounce package. Sorry this is so confusing.

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